Pop-up escape game for large groups of 10-40 players

Our new advanced pop-up escape game TREASURE HUNT learn you:

  • team work
  • innovateve approach in problem solving
  • “out-of-the-box” thinking. 

Participants are in teams of 2-5 players. The goal is to open and old treasure box. During the game players use objects we installed around. We are not using suitcases full of puzzles, you will experience real escape game. Without teamwork you cannot succeed. And that is what you expect from teambuilding, right? You are ONE TEAM. 

Best activity for:

  • teambuilding
  • corporate events (family days, parties atp.)
  • employee conferences
  • We can bring and build the game anywhere – we need just a space about 70-100 m2 and electricity.
  • Total capacity up to 500 players/day.
  • You do not need to speak any language to solve puzzles. Briefing and clues are given in English or Czech.
depends on number of participants